Westin Wall Centre Vancouver Airport

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I Travel frequently for work, spending 1/3rd of my year in hotels and with that I stay at least once a month at The Westin Wall Centre Vancouver airport,BC. I have plenty of choices and I stay here(although a little more $$) as it is convenient, but mostly it's due to the service and recognition as Bonvoy member. The last 6 times I have stayed I have been given complimentary parking as a preferred customer or in recognition of my Bonvoy membership loyalty. My most recent stay I was charged for parking, and also charged a separate 24% parking tax and then another GST tax on the the parking tax? When I called to enquire on this  I initially reached front desk who then put me on to the Manager (Christine) who advised we don't give complimentary parking, when I mentioned I had before, she replied with "well we can, and I will choose who we give it to" Needless to stay my feeling of being a welcome and important customer of Westin ended right there!

 I mentioned to manager "should I be looking for another place to stay from now on then?' who replied " Ok, have a great day..Bye"

Not sure if this is a new manager, but it's a pity as I really enjoyed staying there and was always impressed by all the staffs attentive and professional manner the staff. Seems I was treated better as a "Gold" status member and now I am "Platinum" I feel less important as a customer. Interestingly, since reaching "Platinum"  every hotel I had stayed with has has thanked me for the loyalty and offered me a welcome gift.., all except westin Wall Centre Vancouver airport.