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10 Elite Nights for a Meeting - room required?

Question asked by mft4 on Dec 10, 2019
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I know this is a popular topic here. As far as I know, the 10 elite nights can be earned for your first meeting in the year WITHOUT also booking a room. I was about to sign a contract for a room (standard Marriott hotel) and asked them to confirm that I would receive the nights credit. They said I would ONLY if I booked a room also. This condition does not appear in the T&S conditions (cited below). Is there anything I can point out to them?


4.2 Elite Membership Requirements


4.2.a.  Only nights personally stayed by and individually billed to an Elite Member at Participating Properties are credited toward the Elite Member’s Elite membership achievement and renewal thereof.  Pursuant to section 1.4.e. Accounts may be combined to achieve Elite membership.

i.     Pursuant to section 2.1.a., one Elite Night Credit will be awarded to the Elite Member room for each Qualifying Night stayed.

ii.     When staying at ExecuStay® locations, every three (3) Qualifying Nights stayed will entitle Members to one (1) Elite Night Credit toward Elite membership status.  Elite membership benefits are not available at ExecuStay locations.

iii.     When staying at Marriott Executive Apartments®, every three (3) Qualifying Nights stayed will entitle Members to one (1) night toward Elite status.  Elite benefits are not available at Marriott Executive Apartments locations.

iv.     When booking a qualifying group event or meeting with Marriott Bonvoy Events, ten (10) Elite nights per calendar year will be awarded to the Member for his/her first group, event or meeting, and subsequent events thereafter, one (1) Elite Night Credit will be awarded for every twenty (20) room nights booked and actualized, up to a maximum of twenty (20) Elite Night Credits per contract.  Points or Miles may be earned in addition to Elite Night Credits for Marriott Bonvoy Events.

v.     Elite Status may be earned through various Partner Programs and is subject to the terms and conditions of the Partner Program as well as the Loyalty Program Rules.