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Which Brands Have Queen vs Double Beds?

Question asked by chipbennett on Dec 10, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2019 by nipper

My girls are tweens/soon-to-be teens, which means that when we travel as a family, a king plus sofa bed - or worse, the dreaded double-double - just won't cut it anymore. I need to be able to book rooms with two queen beds, that are actually queens, and not double beds.


Since most of my work travel consists of FIs, RIs, and similar, I like to go more upscale when redeeming rooms for points for family travel. Unfortunately, unless I want to start booking two rooms, I'm not going to be able to book JW's and similar, since they only seem to have double-double rooms.


So, what are my options?


We've got a cruise embarking in Vancouver in 2021, and I found a Delta property near the port that has queen-queen rooms. The nearby Marriott Pinnacle and JW do not. A bit of googling seems to indicate that Courtyard has queen-queen rooms, but I have tended to avoid Couryards (a legacy from before the brand included a breakfast amenity).


Are there other property brands I should be targeting?