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Left items in the room

Question asked by briandotnet on Dec 10, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2019 by verysuiteboy

I stayed at Four Points by Sheraton Jaipur, City Square last Wednesday, and left a couple of pieces of clothing in the room when I checked out on Thursday morning. I know it was my fault and I did call back as soon as I realized it when I woke up in Thailand (yes I was traveling through SE Asia) on Friday morning. The receptionists who answered my first call was helpful and did tell me they were found but needed to wait for the manager to come in to discuss if they can be shipped to me. He took my email and phone number, however, I never got any follow up on that. I called again a couple of times and every time I get a different receptionist picking up and I had to tell the story all over again, and I was keep getting told they will check with housekeeping and call me back, and no one ever did. So, almost a week later, I have not got any further than the first call. I know it was my fault but since the missing clothing was found on Friday, and they worth a couple of hundred dollars so all I wanted is to make sure they will be mailed back to me in the US.


As time goes on but no progress, every time I call back it's a fresh start. At this time, I am getting a little frustrated to be honest, what should I do?