Hotel Adagio -- dirty rooms

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I live in the East Bay and booked a small staycation in San Francisco for the weekend. Marriott was offering low rates for the weekend at $131 a night at the Hotel Adagio part of the Autograph Collection, who could complain.


I used mobile checkin the day before and was confirmed for my stay. When I got to the hotel around 10 AM, I was greeted by accommodating front desk staff and bellhop. I asked for any available upgrades and was upgraded to a larger king room. We quickly dropped our bags off and went out for the rest of the day.


After getting back to the room, my boyfriend finds a cookie underneath our couch (sorry no pic). I started to look around the room and see black dirt in the bathtub (sorry no pic). I went down to the front desk and explained the situation. He apologizes and upgrades us to the top floor studio king suite.


We change rooms and open a bottle of wine. Sitting down on the couch, I see a large white spot on the coffee table. I pick a little of it off with my finger and then go to wash my hands. As I am drying my hands off, I find a stane on the bathroom towel.



I go back down to the front desk, and it's a different person. I tell her about my experience, and she starts apologizing profusely. She gives me 10,000 points and two $10 bar cards for drinks. She then tells me there are no other rooms of your type. She said she would send up housekeeping to clean the spot and bring new towels. It was getting very late by this time, so I agreed.


Housekeeping comes up and asks us what's wrong with the room. We point out the spot, and she tells us its permanent as she is wiping it off with the dirty towel. She replaces our towels and leaves. The next morning after taking showers, I look at the 'clean' towels that were brought up to us the night before. I saw more stains and the towels were ragged of the ends.




I go back down to the front desk and talk with the manager. She is not as nice as the front desk staff from the night before and does not even thank me for my status. She asks me to email her the pictures of the things I had found in our rooms. She gives me another 5,000 points and says they will clean the room fully, and she will handpick our new towels.


We get back to the room after being out for the day. I looked around the room and still saw sprinkles from the donut we had eaten from the night before and few other dirt spots in the bathroom. This is after the Adagio said they cleaned the room thoroughly. I look in the bathroom and at least have clean towels for the first time. I go back down to the front desk and tell them our room is still not clean. The guy ends up giving us the Samuel Suite 1602. We move over to the suite and find it to be even dirtier than any other room we had stayed in.







At this point, it's very late at night. I told my boyfriend I could not sleep in this room. After taking some pictures from the amazing balcony, we ended up walking down the street and stayed the night at the JW Marriott.

I called the Marriott rewards number the next day and told them my story. The guy on the line said he would be giving me 30,000 points, and they would follow up with the hotel.


We went back to the Adagio and talked with the manager again. When she found out we had been upgraded to the Samuel Suite, she just about flips out. She starts complaining that the suite should have never been sold that night as she was having a VIP come in. I try telling her the room was filthy, but she does not listen to me. She ends comping us one night, one night of valet parking, and the minibar.


It's been over a week, and Marriott has not gotten back to me, and the 30,000 points have not been deposited into my account. My largest with Marriott is I spent a lot more money then I planed on my room. The JW room ended up being $239, excluding tax and other fees.


What do you think I should do? I am a Titanium member and have never stayed in a dirtier Marriott.