Ultimate Reservation Guarantee is a Scam - Given Unlivable Room & Marriott Denying Responsibility

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Lady stayed at the King of Prussia Hotels | Sheraton Valley Forge Hotel and what a nightmare that was:


  • Checked in at 12:30am with an agent
  • Found calcified water stain in suite stretching from bedroom to living room and confirmed by security guard on duty
  • Offered to stay in the room - in a cot, in a different room, and the security guard recommended against that. 
  • Room was unlivable - as verified by the staff and security guard.
  • Asked for options and agent was supremely unhelpful and untrained ("deer in headlights") only saying that the hotel was full. Agent called general reservations line and then, an hour later, showed up at ResInn Exton.
  • ResInn Exton says no vacancy and then sent Lady to another hotel (Courtyard Exton) and arrives after another hour - it's now 2:30am.


  • Thus: two hour delay, hour or so wasted commuting in the morning, hundreds of dollars spent on Lyft rides.


We expect Marriott to honor the Ultimate Reservation Guarantee - Elite Member Benefits Guarantee | Marriott Bonvoy for $200 and 90,000 points from SVF, and $100 and 90,000 points from ResInn Exton.



What's happened since:

  • ResInn Exton sent 90,000 points immediately and promised the $100 check to us (after a little followup). They were apologetic, and I appreciated their getting back to me.
  • SVF denied URG, provided only 25,000 points.
    • When I called later and spoke with VIP ambassador (during my honeymoon, no less) he accused Lady of "embellishing" the events, and kept reiterating that she "chose to leave" - even though the staff advised her against staying and they declared the room unlivable.
    • I emailed Arne Sorenson and any other C-suite marriott person I could find trying to file a formal complaint against the property and the VIP ambassador, but they just blew it off, forwarding the email to the GM of SVF, who responded basically saying tough luck you got 25,000 points and a refund for the night (that she didn't stay!)


Any thoughts? Sheraton Valley Forge, their management, VIP ambassador, GM, etc. scammed her out of 90,000 points and a $200 check. If Marriott provides a room that isn't livable the reservation is not honored. Per the T&C if they do not honor the reservation "we’ll pay for your accommodations that night at a nearby hotel and compensate you for the inconvenience".


Extremely frustrating experience, especially with the woefully undertrained staff making life more difficult in wee hours of the morning, and a VIP ambassador who clearly does not care at all about guests or guest experience, instead going full combative and accusatory.


If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions on how to resolve this situation that would be fantastic. My lady is Titanium status and is going for the same this year, but even if she were staying for a Marriott for the first time nobody deserves to be treated this way!