Hotels in Frankfurt, Germany

Discussion created by patrickogle on Dec 4, 2019
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Hello Insiders!  


Business travel will have me in Frankfurt Germany this coming March.  In an effort to reduce cost (read as "make the accounting department happy"), I originally booked the Delta Hotel across the river in Offenbach.  After a couple weeks of research and given that I have to be at the Frankfurt convention center every day, it didn't seem reasonable to stay there.  Today I noticed that the Westin Grand Frankfurt was no longer requiring pre-payment so I switched my booking to that hotel as it was "only" double the price of the Delta and my company doesn't allow us to book pre-pay rates just in case anything happens.  


I was hoping to stay at the Frankfurt Marriott to kind of compare apples to apples with my North American experiences since I have never stayed in a Westin before but that hotel is charging almost 500 EUR per night (huge convention in town and this hotel is right across the street from it) which won't fly with the accounting department.


If anyone has any recommendations on any other Marriott hotels in Frankfurt, with easy daily commutes to the convention center, that I should be considering, please let me know.  Also, feedback on the Westin Grand Frankfurt would be much appreciated.  When it comes to hotels, I value a concierge lounge / MClub very highly for breakfast/expense report reasons.


And, of course, recommendations of things to do, sights to see, and places to eat would be appreciated!


Thanks in advance everyone!