OMG I Got a Solid Platinum Lifetime Card in the Mail

Discussion created by pey on Dec 4, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2019 by brilin

To my amazement, I got a lifetime plat card in the mail today. This was exactly three weeks after having to suffer the indignity of the sounds of the life time Titanium cards dropping on nationwide 's kitchen table by bejacob, iahflyr, brightlybob, painedplatinum because I had not achieved that goal myself. We were having a totally coherent discussion of Tipple 2020 at the time I will remind you all.  I must say I was surprized, a nice package from the Loyalty team. 


Unlike the Titanium Cards dropped on the table in Houston, which are made of a generally accepted biproduct of mine and smelting tailings, mine is clearly solid Platinum. I can tell by the colour.


Anyone else? brilin any sigh?