Review of "The Jaffa" (Tel Aviv/Jaffo)

Discussion created by tmeenan on Dec 4, 2019
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I recently enjoyed a fabulous stay at this remarkably stylish, impeccably restored historic property. Elite status was truly noted here and the staff were superb -- highly professional folks who take pride in their work, while managing to be low-key and humorous at the same time. Be sure to take one of the property tours (available each morning if you sign up in advance) to learn about how a 19th century convent / hospital / chapel were restored to create a stunning 21st century property, uncovering in the process underground remnants dating back much further. I'm back home in the chilly northern US now, but am imagining a sumptuous breakfast in The Jaffa's outdoor seating area. (Hard to pick a favorite item -- a variety of fresh-squeezed juices come to mind first.)  The concierge was very helpful with many questions and setting up a tour. If you have the time and inclination, borrow a bike and ride along the beachside promenade all the way to the north end of town.  (I also ventured around the downtown area, which is fairly bike friendly as well.)  IMO Jaffa is really the most interesting, historic, and atmospheric area of very-hip Tel Aviv to stay in. Yes, the Jaffa will set you back a few shekels. For some, this is not a concern; but if you are straddling the fence regarding cost, I'd advise you to stay here for a very special experience in a unique property.  I've never stayed anywhere like it.  Oh yes, the view was awesome, too: