Marriott canceled. Now more points?

Discussion created by thisisme2 on Dec 3, 2019
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Hi All,

  Almost 1.5 months ago I planned a long stay to help out family using points.  It was at a newer Marriott hotel (as in not open yet).  I reserved the start of my stay to be on opening day.  This week I got a nice call from the GM of the hotel stating that they will not be opening until 3 days later.  Understandable as I am sure there is a lot of moving points to opening a new hotel. Told him I was OK with such as I can be flexible.  Hence my reservation was canceled by Marriott.  


  Went to re-book today, with the new opening date and a shorter stay.  Low and behold it is now more points to book.  Not a lot, but still.  


  I called the "Platinum Help Line" and I can tell you I am less then impressed.   While the rep did understand the issue, she said there was nothing she could do. I was astonished. I mentioned through no fault of my own, booking early as allowed on the Marriott website, Marriott cancels and I have to pay more points.  I would assume at least some type of compensation for the trouble or at least match the points per night requirement - nothing.  Astonished I asked to speak to a supervisor, was informed that the supervisor would not be able to help and she would tell me the same thing.  


  I started on focusing on Marriott to gain status along with status at another significant hotel chain. Not impressed over the past couple of years, and today's incident makes me even wonder why I need lifetime status at Marriott.  Small issue regarding a small number of points, but customer satisfaction leaves a lot to be desired. 


I guess this is the norm at Marriott?


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