Fighting getting charged for a cancellation

Discussion created by nipper on Dec 3, 2019
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Really getting annoyed. 


Sunday originally was to stay to the Ren PHL airport.  (Mistake number 1 and a mistake I will never make again),  had a 6 pm cancellation day of arrival.  Did check in via the app. 


Changed my flight to an earlier one and decided I'd drive to my final destination that night.  Canceled he room at 5 pm PHL time.  Saw the cancellation on the app (did not screenshot it - mistake # 2) no email. 


Still got charged.  Called the property, they said I stayed there because I checked in. 



Called the ambassador, she saw the cancellation - hoping she can clear it up. 


Was going to send an email this morning with all the documentation and the cancellation is now missing from my list,  though I see two older cancellations.  I suspect the property really does not want to refund my $.