Prediction: Onslaught of angry Bonvoy Lifetime members in February

Discussion created by frustratedat20020 on Nov 29, 2019
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 This is a very easy call. In February 2020 Marriott Bonvoy will be dealing with thousands of irate Lifetime members. 


What's going to cause that, you might wonder.

As soon as the company informs members of their new membership status for the upcoming year, a slew of people who were satisfied or pleased with their membership levels after their SPG and Marriott accounts were merged and/or were pleased when Marriott morphed to Bonvoy wiil discover that their level isn't what they thought it was after all.



Because the most readily accessible information about membership level, the juxtaposition of the profile picture, text about current level and infinity symbol on the dropdown menu, is deceptive.  Most people will have interpreted the symbol to be associated with the words posted below the infinity as suggesting that their Life time membership is associated with whatever is stated in text. In my case, that would be Platinum Lifetime membership (because I see the infinity sign and the words "Platinum Elite"). So it is not surprising that I thought the dropdown was indicating I had a lifetime membership at the Platinum Elite level. I'm not the only one to interpret the information provided this way.


Isn't the correct information available someplace?

Yes, if you suspect the message you are getting is incorrect it is possible to find the accurate information. You could detect a subtle difference between the color used on the infinity sign on your screen and the one that is presented someplace on the Marriott site that explains the symbol. You could hunt down the more specific information in your own account, if you can find it. But if you don't suspect that the message you are getting from the dropdown is inaccurate, you won't hunt down additional material and will be left with the inaccurate message until some day in February; at which point a substantial number of people will end up being very disappointed.


How did this happen?

This is a self inflicted injury on Marriott Bonvoy's part or a purposeful injury to Marriott's membership. There are not many ways they could have established a method to systematically confuse such a large population without doing it purposely. I'm interested in what others think. How widespread do you think the confusion and disappointment will be?