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What is Titanium Elite Status Worth?

Question asked by betterdays on Dec 1, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2020 by verysuiteboy

Titanium Elite status in Marriott Bonvoy is really nice!


I was fortunate to reach this status in 2018 and have been enjoying it all year - and I want it again.  Unfortunately, I have not accumulated the 75 nights needed to reach Titanium again this year - but I can.  As I am at risk of losing my objectivity on this matter, I'm hoping input from other Insiders may help to guide my decision as to whether or not I should go for it.


The way I see it, Platinum Elite status offers many of the same benefits as Titanium.  They both offer lounge access, free breakfast (at participating hotels), an opportunity for an upgrades, a welcome amenity for each stay, 4pm late checkout, etc.


However, there are some nice benefits that can make a difference.  Those with Titanium also get 75% higher points earning on paid stays (compared to 50% when Platinum), complimentary Hertz Five-Star status, complimentary Premier Silver status with United airlines, and upon reaching 75 nights the opportunity to make another choice benefit selection.  In 2019, I feel like I have made good use of all these benefits and would do so again in 2020.


I haven't listed everything here, but you kinda get the idea, right?

Here's how I would be able to keep Titanium through February 2021:


   I have currently accumulated 54 nights.

   I can book a meeting for $90 bringing this total to 64 nights.

   I can choose 5 elite night credits as my platinum choice and get to 69 nights.

   I can spend 20K points and do a 5 night mattress run at the local FFI that gets me to 74 nights.

   To celebrate, I'd use last year's 40K certificate on December 31st at a promising looking location, ringing in the new year       with style.


I'm guessing there may be other Platinums considering the push to Titanium as well, so I figured it was worth soliciting some feedback.  I'm just trying to figure out one thing.


Is it worth it?