What is Triple TIPPLE?

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Newer Insiders or occasional visitors to this site might be wondering what the heck a TIPPLE is. At the most basic level, a TIPPLE (as used in the context of Bonvoy Insiders) is an in-person meetup between participants of this online forum.


The term was coined by brightlybob when the first large gathering of Insiders met in Houston back in September 2016. It is actually an acronym for




Pints, and



*If you see how this group likes to drink, you'll understand why both Pints and Liquor are included. 


The Houston event is now known as TIPPLE-the-First. Do you recognize any of the attendees?

The second one, Double TIPPLE was held in Washington DC in April 2018.

Double Tipple Photos!!!


Now, we're on the the third, appropriately called Triple TIPPLE. Full details are still being worked out. So far we have the city and the dates. It will be held in Seattle on September 25-27, 2020. All Insiders are invited to attend. Think of it as an opportunity to meet folks like verysuiteboyiahflyr, painedplatinum, jsucool76, and many others. 


In the coming months we'll share details about which hotel with be Triple TIPPLE central. We'll also start an informal attendance list. For now, if you're considering participating, block out the last weekend in September on your calendar and start thinking about how you'll get to Seattle. In the meantime, if you have any question, please let us know. One of the Triple TIPPLE 2020 planning task force members will make up something that sounds plausible provide an answer. Stay tuned for more information soon.


See you in Seattle.