Natalie of Courtyard Chicago Downtown/River North and my long lost jacket.

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   I had spent a week looking for my lost jacket all over Chicago. Every morning as I left for work and every evening after work. I took the time to ask the front desk if someone had turned in my jacket. Each time, someone would run into the back, and a couple of minutes later came back with no jacket.


I was frustrated!


   In my jacket were my Bose headset, two expensive FOBs for my wife and I vehicles, and my favorite traveling charger with 10 foot USB C cable ( I'm in IT, things like this make me happy! Yes weird, I agree). Lastly, the jacket was given to me for my New England office10th anniversary. Needless to say, all the items were important to me.
I spent that week trying to trick my Uber driver into at least dropping off the keys at the hotel (offered up to 200 dollars). At one point, I had convinced myself that I left my jacket in his car and he would not admit it, because he wanted my stuff. I also call Chicago PD about 20 times, as wells as various phone numbers at Midway that I could google.
So as I woke up my last morning, jacketless and wife all pissy at me. ( According to her majesty, since I left another jacket in Canada, I lose everything. )


I was sad and grumpy.


   So at 4 am on November 23rd, I got into the elevator debating myself; I was unsure if I wanted to go again and ask the front desk again. By the time I had reached the bottom and exited the elevator. I had decided to bypass the front desk and head back to Midway airport via uber ( defeated ).  Natalie (Unknown last name) saw me coming, and instead of ignoring me, she greets me and started small talk. At this point, I decided to mention my jacket, and her eyes lit up, and she said: " I think I have it." She ran to the same door that I had seen so many employees ran too and disappeared, but within seconds she reappeared and said, " Is this it? ". Even at a distance, I could tell it was my long lost jacket. She handed me the jacket, and as I squeezed my jacket immediately and blurted out, "all my stuff was in it." I was shocked that after 6 or 7 days, I recovered my jacket and all my belongings in it.

   It turns out; as I checked in, my jacket must have fallen off my luggage, and whoever found it stuck my jacket in a particular spot based on all the stuff inside — knowing that I would come looking for it, based on the critical items. If only the day and evening crew knew it was there, I would have recovered it earlier in the week.


   I appreciated the help and attention Natalie gave me, not all associates greet me at 4 am in the morning, and someone at Marriott should give her a massive bonus to Natalie because now my wife is not so mad at me!