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What Triggers a Targeted Promotion?

Question asked by markwill on Nov 28, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2020 by hallchr

I have been reading many posts about past and current targeted promotions that different members have and are getting. I however, have not seen a targeted promotion in a very long time. Is it because I am already Lifetime Titanium? Is it because I seem to always have 5-10 bookings on the go? Is it because I am Canadian? Obviously, whatever I am doing (or not doing) is not flagging me as a member that should be incented to do more to get more!


Has anyone (smarter than me!) figured out exactly what triggers one member to get a targeted promotion, while others (dare I say, some of Marriott's most loyal members) don't get offered any additional incentive? Are there specific parameters/practises that Marriott's promotional algorithm recognizes to send a member a targeted promotion?


Can anyone share any insight with those of us that are for some reason being ignored - or are not doing the right things (other than being blindly loyal and continue to patronize Marriott properties!) to be "awarded" the gift of a targeted promotion?


If anyone know what triggers a targeted promotion, please share!