False Information Regarding Stays

Discussion created by minimona21 on Nov 27, 2019
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I am writing to make a formal complaint against Marriot Bonvoy which is very disappointing as I have been a Marriot Gold member for many years. We recently completed an 8 night stay in Capetown at The Westin, my flight colleague Simon Watts is Gold status and was hoping to make Platinum for the end of this year so he paid for his room in advance and also mine. He was told by customer service @ Marriot and also personally by the Westin hotel that he could accumulate the stays for both rooms (meaning 16 nights) to elevate him to Platinum status for next year.
I gave up the stays in order for him to achieve this, he has now been told this was not the case by Marriot customer service. This now means not only does he not achieve platinum status but that I also will lose my Gold status next year as I have given up 8 nights I could have accumulated.
We are a private Aviation flight crew and we travel the world staying in good hotels. I have always preferred Marriot to Hilton or other such hotels, but after this experience I will not continue to use Marriot due to the complete lack of understanding of the points system by your employees. It has been disappointing after many years of loyalty. I will be placing this complaint of Facebook also for all my fellow crew members to be aware of.
Has anyone experienced the above?