Plastic Water Bottles ... The Beginning of the End?

Discussion created by ssindc on Nov 25, 2019
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Well, we know that the era of (wasteful, environmentally problematic, but ... historically, oh-so-convenient and familiar) little shampoo bottles in the Marriott family is coming to an end ... and the countdown has begun.... Here's some threads (if you haven't been following this issue):


Are plastic water bottles next?   

Got any "Insider" scoop (or predictions) for us, communitymanagers?


Here's an interesting take at the Sheraton San Jose, Costa Rica....  I expect this will be a polarizing issue ... and I have no reason to think that this example necessarily represents a trend ... but I must say, I kind of like it!


no more water bottles


We've been using similar (albeit larger) bottles at home for years.  


It will be interesting to see if Marriott also begins installing travel/sport bottle refilling stations ... which have become ubiquitous at gyms and athletic facilities ... and are increasingly appearing in airports and train stations and public spaces....


Well, hive mind ... what says the Marriott-Bonvoy Insiders Community?