Free night certificates not showing up for use?

Discussion created by jsucool76 on Nov 25, 2019
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Hey everyone, 


Booking a hotel stay for (you guessed it) Disney, and hotel i'm booking is 30k points a night. I still have a few leftover certificates to use, one for 50k (from my RCR visa) and one for 40k (from my 75 night choice benefit). They both expire mid-end of December. My stay is Dec 6-8.


When I go to use certificates for my stay, certificates do show up, but the ones that show up are all my certs that expire in mid-late 2020. None of my ones that expire sooner show up as available to pay for my stay. 


Just to clarify, the stay both starts and ends before the expiration date of my certs, and the hotel stay is 30k/night, and I'm attempting to use a 40k and a 50k cert so all my requirements are met. 


Just curious if anyone else has experienced an issue where not all of your eligible certificates are showing up as available, or just certain ones, in my case being those with the latest expiration date. 



IT issue, am I missing something, or a way for  Marriott to help you accidentally select the wrong certificate so your others expire without you noticing? 


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