Another excellent "Spirit to Serve"

Discussion created by lbook on Nov 24, 2019
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Nominating: Miss Anna L.


Hotel location: Fairfield by Marriott Seoul


I am writing to share my appreciation of the service I received from Miss Anna L. at Fairfield, Seoul. 


I am staying for a week and I need a room with workable setting of table and seat.  Not all rooms at this Marriott location has a suitable one.


Miss Anna L. with her Go Getter attitude went through all the trouble to search and walk back and forth with me a few times to get me the room with a setting that I can work comfortable in.


Naysayers would definitely turned a blind eye and say no to avoid extra work on such matter.  But Miss Anna L. did not.


Thanks for the amazing service attitude Anna !!  I would definitely call this a "Spirit to Serve"!!! 


This really set Marriott hotel above others!


Please keep up this Go-Getter attitude and I will definitely come back more !! 


Thank you so much.