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Points deducted from account without my knowledge

Question asked by aalaal on Nov 24, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2019 by communitymanagers

I have been staying at the Courtyard Phoenix North every week for the past few weeks (traveling for work) and have booked using the 53M code for the 2k a day promotion. Since these points never automatically post to the account, I usually call the Elite Support line every week to have the bonus points added to my account, and they're shown as a Goodwill Adjustment in my activity. Today, I made a call again (weekly routine) to have 6000 additional points added from a recent stay of 3 nights, and the woman on the phone with whom I was speaking had insisted that I had never booked my latest reservation with that promo (even though my bill literally has the 2k a day rate posted) and proceeded to keep arguing with me. With no luck, I had hung up the call. I eventually noticed that my points balance had then suddenly gone down 12,000 points. It was originally 281,710 points posted (I do luckily have a screenshot), and now my balance has gone down to 269,710. I noticed in my activity there had been 2 Goodwill Adjustments of 6000 points deducted. I have tried calling the Elite support line and chatting with a live representative on the Marriott website, but have received only vague answers and no actual help. How can I escalate this to get my points back, just keep calling until I get a yes?