When Do Additional Elite Status Years Get Posted?

Discussion created by ella31 on Nov 23, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2020 by ketch8

For those of us who came from the Marriott world, our accounts now have a new feature:  they list how many years we attained the various status levels, ie., Silver, Gold, and Platinum. We now need this because the number of years at these status levels is part of the critera for lifetime status.


A week ago, my account showed 9 years of Platinum status. As some of you know, just yesterday I passed the 50 night mark for 2019, thus attaining another year of Platinum status. However, though my account shows 53 Elite NIghts for 2019, it still shows only 9 years at Platinum status.


Does anyone know at what point the newly-acquired status year typically gets added? The two times that seem logical to me are: 1) immediately after the required nights are earned; or 2) sometime shortly after the end of the year.


If anyone has noticed when your additional status year posted, please let me know!  I am eager for mine to be posted because at 10 years Platinum and 700+ nights, I'll finally meet the requirement for LT Platinum. But, given all the glitches we've seen in the past year plus, I'm a little nervous that something might go wrong.


Thanks in advance for your help!