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Do I need to ask for an upgrade at check in?

Question asked by commie on Nov 20, 2019
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My Marriott stays are almost exclusively for work, and between the stays and the credit card nights I have hit platinum for the last 4 years.


I am currently platinum with an upcoming five night stay at the Sheraton Dolphin resort that will put me into Titanium for the year.


I'm not going to lie, I booked the cheapest possible room at the Dolphin and requested my 5 SNAs with the hope that they will be accepted. So far I received an email saying that they are working on it. From what I have read here on Insiders - it appears that this process is iffy.


During the five, going on six years, with Marriott I've never asked for an upgrade (b/c it was just me). In that time I was upgraded once.


We are not arriving at the hotel until 1800 - so my question is - how would you go about requesting an upgrade? Would it help to call the hotel beforehand? Check-in early on the app? Or wait until we arrive?