Marriott marginalizing Residence Inns

Discussion created by takepictures on Nov 19, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2019 by wiscfriend

Staying at Pittsburgh Residence Inn Oakland and sadly have come to conclusion that no real incentives to stay at RIs anymore due to:


1.) Still only 5 points/$ spent versus Homewood Suites which has been upped to 10 point/$ spent

2.) TERRIBLE offerings as part of the 'MIX', nearly laughable. No 'Mixing' just party "snacks" and crickets. Very depressing for a rather nice physical property/ commercial space.

3.) Constantly changing policy concerning the Greener Stay program, is it 3 days of bonus points for no housekeeping/4 days of stay or 2 days of bonus points for no housekeeping/ 3 day stay??!

4.) Managers say 3rd/4th day of housekeeping is optional and can be turned down. Their subordinates say it's mandatory... Confusion??!!!

5.) Many employees look as if they'd rather be somewhere else and zero enthusuasm for their job.

6.) Megabonus offers are watered down so much that the time spent accruing Bonvoy points is a waste of time.

7.) No real reason to stay at RIs anymore other than as a last resort due to kitchens in the rooms.