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Fraud on my Bonvoy card & Hyatt points purchased

Question asked by lonnalinda on Nov 18, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2019 by lonnalinda

On Saturday morning got a text and email message alerting me that it appeared that my Bonvoy credit card had been fraudulently used.  Upon further investigation - indeed it got hacked. And this makes me angry.  


In speaking with Chase fraud, found out (one of several charges) that $1,320 was spend to purchase Hyatt Hotel points.   Since I had the date of transaction, my credit card number and the amount I proceeded to call Hyatt as this ticks me off.  I thought how difficult would it be for Hyatt to track in their system the amount, credit card and find out which Hyatt member "benefited" from my credit card?  They said they'd open a case number and follow up with me by email.  Today I received the following email.  


I appreciate the opportunity to assist you regarding your account.

I have looked at your Hyatt account account and your membership hasn't been logged into since March 19th, 2016 so no one has logged into your World of Hyatt information. Unfortunate, we don't have any way to track and narrow down where the points went to in our system. The points were purchased through and they are a 3rd party company that we use for our loyalty program. Their phone number is a Canada number which is 416-596-6370. You can also reach out to them through their customer service link: 


LOL, clearly I don't travel with Hyatt since I have not logged in for 3+ years. 


 I must live in a bubble - had no idea who or what was "" - quick review is that they are a company where you can buy, sell or trade your hotel or airline points.  Happy to see Marriott is not listed.  


So I called - got the bounce around voice mail system and ended up leaving a message to see if someone calls me back.  I will also email.  I imagine the end result will be frustration and no help from - it will be closed as the cost of doing business.  No particular purpose to this message - but curious if anyone has had experience with


Now waiting for my replacement Bonvoy card, also don't want it to change - want the spend $3,000 get 1 night credit that I currently have in place. Card was expedited as I could not wait for 3-5 business days due to my traveling to Miami on Friday.