Nice Upgrade at the Marriott Pyramid Albuquerque

Discussion created by nascargene on Nov 13, 2019
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My wife and I took a vacation trip to Phoenix this weekend/week for the NASCAR race and over the weekend, on Sunday night I decided to extend our vacation with a work trip to Albuquerque. I've stayed at the Marriott Pyramid in Albuquerque before and booked us 3 nights (Tues - Fri) in a 1 bedroom, 1 king bed suite.


I checked in via the app, and upon arrival went to the desk, told them I mobile checked in and was given my keys. We went up to the room and WOW this is a nice room. Separate living room, bedroom, large bathroom with shower and soaking tub, sink in the bathroom and another sink/vanity in between the bathroom and bedroom.


I didn't think much of it as we were hungry from traveling all day - we drove the ~500 miles from PHX to ABQ. I traded in a Camaro SS Convertible that I got on National Free Day credits during our vacation, for a Dodge Charger GT. While the Camaro was fun and a rocketship, I figured the Mrs. would be happier with something more roomy for the ~8 hour drive. We did split the drive up into 2 legs, stopping at Meteor Crater National Landmark for a couple hours. One thing I did notice while setting up the Charger for my preferences, is that one of the previous renters took the car up to 117MPH. Challenge Accepted!! I beat that by a couple MPH on the 1st leg and then by 10MPH on the 2nd leg ;-)  There are a lot of long, straight stretches on the trip where I was able to stretch the cars legs with no one around me. Although the Mrs. still has me beat by 7 MPH on her birthday trip to Vegas where I rented her a Mercedes SLK for a run through the desert ;-)






After dinner in the restaurant, we got setup in the room and I opened the app to make a reservation for Kansas City for next week and got a pop up window in the Bonvoy app that I had been upgraded -- now it makes sense!




When I was booking the room two days ago, the room I booked was an average of $218/night. While looking at the other options I saw this room that was $561/night average. I commented about how nice the room looked, but I could not pull off $561/night on my expense report.


I've been doing mostly Courtyard stays the past few months, and there really aren't any upgrades there. This was a nice surprise, especially since my wife is traveling with me on this trip.


Oh and while I was writing this, my wife opened what I thought was a closet door near the entry .. no it's not a closet, it's a 2nd 1/2 bathroom with sink in the living room right at the entry.




King Suite I booked at $218/night


One Bedroom Presidential Suite we were upgraded to ... it states Whirlpool tub, but its just a deep soaking tub.