Vote by Friday 15th for the TPG awards

Discussion created by brightlybob on Nov 12, 2019
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Yes, it’s that season again - Awards Time and TPG has launched the voting for its awards here The TPG Awards are back! 


Last year, even though I liked the changes Bonvoy was making I simply couldn’t vote it up in the awards rounds because of its extended August and September foul-ups that even managed infect its otherwise very interesting daily sweepstake during Fall 2018 and then the 2018 Choice benefits for those who didn’t select until 2019! 

Thankfully those days are behind us, although IT snafus continue they’re a feature of our lives in so many areas, Bonvoy’s work here means it’s IT is no longer a major impediment to the program, merely an irritant. As a result I’m voting for Bonvoy here although I’m happy just to encourage everyone to simply vote - But vote quickly, it closes in just 3 days on November 15th!