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How to maximize value using two accounts? - Maldives

Question asked by tapple2019 on Nov 11, 2019

Hi, my husband and I both travel frequently for work (him mostly in the past, me in the present & future). We have enough points to book a week in the Maldives for our honeymoon with his points (< 100k points transferred from me, the rest (>100k) his). I transferred to him, because there is a 100k point transfer per year and he had the greater number of points to start with. Therefore, we have to book the trip through his account (all the points are on his).

We would like to get the free breakfast perk that comes with Platinum status (huge cost savings at the pricey resorts). So here is our dilemma, he is currently Platinum, but his status will drop to Gold only 7 days before our trip next year! It unrealistic for him to stay enough nights to maintain Platinum for the next year. I currently have Gold and will hit Platinum before the trip.

Is there a way to use my Platinum status to gain us free breakfast, even though the trip was booked through his soon to be Gold account?

Thanks. Any advice on maximization is appreciated!