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Best way to get a complaint addressed when property Manager fails to help?!

Question asked by suziemart on Nov 11, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2019 by communitymanagers

What is the best way to get a complaint addressed when the Manager of a property fails to help?! I booked a room for 3 nights to attend an event in Boston area in October. Apparently there were two reservations under my name (this is a whole other issue for another time!). However when we checked we were given the room that had the higher of the two rates and were never notified that by the desk agent that there was another room/reservation under the exact same name. Not only this, but we didn't receive a bill or no-show notice email or any such communication related to this extra room. Instead we merely found a cancellation fee on our next credit card statement - the equivalent of a full one night stay at the hotel!


When I phoned to speak to the manager about this, not only was he refusing to take any responsibility but he was downright rude. Even if the one-night "no-show" fee is policy; it is completely unacceptable that we were not notified in person upon check-in OR that an invoice or email notice wasn't generated and sent so this could have been addressed at the time of check in or even check-out. Highly frustrating and suspect that this was all intentional on the part of the Manager. He must be paid on booking commission!!!