Housekeeping fail - advice needed

Discussion created by marvelmed on Nov 9, 2019

During a recent stay at a property where I am a frequent guest, I blindly reached behind the bedside table to retrieve a charger and ended up putting my hand on an open condom wrapper that had a condom inside. I was too mortified to check if the condom had been used...  This happened at 4:30 am and I was planning a 5:45 am departure, so I did not say anything at the property and instead took some photos and called Customer Care upon my return home.


I have since received a sincere apology by email from the front office supervisor and 5,000 Bonvoy points. Is this acceptable compensation for something Customer Care described as "very serious"?  I'm Titanium and not in the habit of asking for compensation as it is usually offered without any request on my part. This same property has credited 10,000 points for much more minor incidents.