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How can I get Elite credit and points for this kind of stay?

Question asked by microzeta on Nov 9, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2019 by jerseydoll

My boss booked three rooms at a Westin for a conference, all under the same reservation, all the rooms are in her name and with her loyalty number. They're refundable cash rates. She recently decided she might not go after all, I'm hoping to use the "If you don't go, you won't earn points for the rooms, can I get credit instead" argument to snag a few extra elite night credits, points, and get my gold benefits on this trip. The hotel is now fully booked up for the dates, otherwise I would just have her cancel and I would rebook the room with my own account. So my questions are, is there any way to move or transfer this reservation to my name & account, or otherwise replace her loyalty number with mine? And if so, do I have to do it before the cancellation deadline, or can I do it at the front desk during check-in?


Any answers or input are appreciated, thanks in advance!