November 11th 2019

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Here in Canada, we call it Remembrance Day.  In the USA Veterans Day. Elsewhere ? Remembrance Day in Canada is celebrated in the following ways:

  • Remembrance Day is recognized as national holiday
  • Leading up to Remembrance Day many people wear artificial poppies.
  • Special church services are held which often includes the playing of “The Last Post” or the 4th verse of the “Ode of Remembrance”
  • Two minutes of silence is held at 11:00 a.m. during most services and ceremonies
  • Wreaths are laid at local war memorials
  • National War Memorials have official ceremonies
  • Many people lay poppies, letters and photographs on the tomb
  • It varies by province in how the holiday is observed

We pay our respect to the fallen and we honor them by wearing the Poppy. The poppy grew into a symbol of the fallen thanks to the poetry of a Canadian military physician, Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae who wrote it in Flanders Fields.

Forever fond memory of family and friends who gave their lives for the freedom we cherish today.  Hope everyone will take a little time out on Monday in observation of the respect & gratitude we owe these folks. Feel free to chime in if things are done differently or uniquely in your part of the world.