Would You/Should I Request a 1 Night Points Credit?

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The Mrs. and I are in Phoenix for the race weekend - Hotels in Phoenix for the Nov NASCAR race - where to stay? - and are staying at the Residence Inn in Glendale. It's a nice hotel, the property is clean, appears to be maintained, pool and hot tub in working order, a good (average) breakfast selection with that's kept fresh by the staff.


We arrived late on Wed night and got checked into our room just fine - a 4th floor king bed studio overlooking the parking lot. As RI's, go it's what we expected - and even though I checked in on the app, and requested extra items (towels, etc), none of the extras were in our room. I find this to be the case about 95% of the time I use the app to check in - but this is not really my complaint.


We checked in, threw our stuff in the room and grabbed a late night bite to eat in the Westgate Complex (food, shopping, sports and more). This hotel is really close to Westgate and all the stores and the group of restaurants there (1/2 mile, 5 minutes -- just across the blvd). There is a good selection of restaurants there, in general you should be able to find something there to satisfy your palate -- sidenote: If you stay at the Renaissance Glendale you can walk from the hotel to everything in Westgate, including the Tanger Outlets. The next time we come here, we'll likely spend the extra points to stay at the Renaissance.


But back on topic ... 


After coming back from dinner, around 1am on Wednesday, we noticed the a/c seemed a little loud. As a reminder this is a king suite, so no separate bedroom the a/c//heat unit is right at the end of the bed. We gave it little thought and crashed for the night.


Thursday we got up late, hit a few stores for some room snacks and drinks and then took off to the Desert Botanical Gardens. This was a nice place to spend an afternoon. We got back in early evening, got changed, went out for dinner & drinks and came back to the room. Once again we noticed the a/c seemed to be a little loud. I shrugged it off, being that the unit is in a closet at the end of the bed, although my wife did comment a bit on how loud it seemed and that it seemed to be louder than the night before.


Thursday morning we get up, head to the racetrack for the day, grab some dinner on the way home and come back to the room. This time the a/c unit is horribly loud - I mean like staying in a room next to the train tracks loud. I call down to the desk to ask for someone to come up, and as the desk answers the call - the unit reached its temp and shutoff. I explain the issue, they say to call again if it does it again. 20 minutes later it sounds like there's a freight train in our room. I call down to the desk to ask for someone from engineering, and of course no one is available as it's about 10pm. I ask if the desk clerk can here it over the phone and yes they can.  The clerk suggest I put the thermostat into economy mode and the unit will shut off. 


Well needless to say, economy mode does not shut the unit off AND there is no Off switch on the thermostat. I call back down 20 minutes later as the noise is pretty unbearable and am told there is nothing they can do. I ask to get a different room that we can just sleep in for the night and the hotel is sold out. I'm not surprised by that as it is race weekend and fans and race team members are filling the hotel. 


At this point there is nothing we can do but to try to put up with it ... it was probably the worst night we've spent in a hotel - almost ever. Every 20 minutes the unit would turn on and just bang and make horribly loud mechanical noises. Neither of us got any decent sleep that night. It was literally so bad that my wife contemplated sleeping in the parking lot in the Camaro convertible we rented. 


Friday morning we get up, sleepy, groggy and with a very grouchy Mrs. I go to the front desk to make sure that someone will take care of the unit while we are gone for the day at the track. We had a great day at the track and came back to the hotel before going to dinner. I check with the desk and am told (and see the clipboard on the counter) that says Engineering came up to our room and fixed -- it SAYS fixed - the problem. We go up to the room, adjust the thermostat and there is NO change. It still sounds like there is a freight train in our room, at the foot of the bed.


I pickup the phone and call the front desk to enquire about this and am now told that "Engineering did what they could - changed filters, etc, but it will require servicing from a 3rd party). What .. you just told me the problem was fixed! Well, I am sorry sir, there is nothing we can do to fix it.


Well that is not going to work for me. We cannot sleep in this room.  I ask for another room, or a room in the adjacent Spring Hill Suites. I'm told again that they are both sold out, but they'll call the manager. A few minutes later I get a call back that we can move to a new room down the hall - that they were sold out still, but moved some things around? Huh .. sold out, but found me a room.


About 15 minutes later the Engineer comes up with keys for the new room. The a/c is banging again and I ask him what he did. He told me that the compressor was bad and that it had to be serviced by a 3rd party ( I can understand that), but he also told me that in the time he spent in the room he heard the problem, and could not fix it. He walked me down to the new room to make sure it was acceptable and that if it was too loud, he had another room for me to check out. 


Ok a few issues here:

- He didn't fix anything, yet the work order states differently

- He acknowledged the problem this unit has had, but yet the desk says the room is ok

- He has this room and another that I could move to, yet the front desk clerk is making it sound like there are no available rooms


At 11pm, I grab a cart from the lobby and move our stuff to the new room. Yes the a/c unit was operating properly and at an acceptable noise level. Yes we finally got a good nights sleep.


So if you made it this far what's your opinion on asking for a refund of Thursday nights points we used for the room? It was truly a horrible night where we were constantly woken up by the a/c unit. I had to really push to get us put into another room, which I think is a lack of customer service.


I'm not looking for a refund for our entire stay, but I feel the hotel owes some compensation for the issue. In 117 nights this year, and closing in on 400 nights over the last 4 years, this was an unacceptable nights stay.