Advance Purchase terms become clearer

Discussion created by brightlybob on Nov 8, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2019 by wiscfriend

In an unannounced change Marriott has cleared up the nagging doubt about the period of grace on Advance Purchase rates - How long after making an ADP is the cancellation period of grace? 


Look at this ADP I booked on Tuesday September 17th 2019



Did this mean I had to cancel by midnight on the Tuesday that I booked it, or could it go all the way to midnight on the Wednesday? I personally used the 24 hour rule, that the day grace meant precisely that, one day, 24 hours. All the same it made me nervous!


Now it’s all change on the wording for these, the days grace means till midnight the next day local time at the hotel reserved. Here’s an ADP reservation I made Thursday afternoon at 2pm GMT.



Far better because it’s now clear. That days cancellation period of grace is now clearly stated. A genuine enhancement!