I usually don't do this. But I think Marriott stole right from under my nose!

Discussion created by jmoses204 on Nov 7, 2019
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I hate to escalate something like this to complaining on a public forum about a company that for the most part has been very good to me but it's been rubbing me wrong and I can't seem to just let it go. I will spare all of the details of but I am about 99% sure that one of the staff members at the hotel I stayed at stole my brand new cell phone from me. Can someone please tell me how to escalate. I have tried to go through the normal customer service means, calling the hotel, the 1-800 number, filling out the customer service feedback, etc. But everyone seems to give me the same generic answer. First they say they are going to look into it and I will hear back in the next 3-5 days. Then they say the hotel says they don't have it. Then I get more into detail and then they tell me that they will reach out to the hotel and the hotel will get in touch with me. I am sick of it. And I am not looking to escalate because I can't believe this happened and Marriott as a whole is just super lackadaisical about offering some sort of resolution. Don't want to just avoid Marriott's because as I said before they have been good to me in the past but I also don't feel comfortable just letting this one go.