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Advice Need About Free Night Certificate and Usage

Question asked by jwlam83 on Nov 6, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2019 by jwlam83

This is my first time using the free night certificate. The certificate entitles me to a Cat 5 hotel for a room less than 35,000 points. 


I'm looking at hotels in NYC and I found a hotel (Residence Inn) and room type I want to use the certificate for. It is a Cat 5 hotel but the room rate is 30,000 points + $5 USD. 


Unfortunately it is not allowing me to use the certificate but instead it would deduct the 30,000 points from my account. I called the hotel reservation line but they didn't provide a clear reason why. All I was told was that I couldn't use it for that room type and he tried to look for surrounding hotels but they didn't meet my requirements (location, free breakfast, pet friendly, two queen beds for 4 people). The room i'm trying is for 2 queen suite. I am able to choose the King suite for only 30,000 points (no cost add). 


Can anyone advise why that is the case?  I figured If i have to pay the taxes, that an extra $5 wouldn't be that big of a deal. As far as rules go, I know that you can't choose a room type that is greater than 30,000 points and pay the difference in points but I figured anything under would be fair game. 


I also thought about taking my chances of choosing  the King studio (that has no sofa bed) and calling the hotel directly to change it or change during check in process. I should also hit Platinum by then so maybe they would honor the request or just upgrade me to something nicer? 


Thoughts by anyone? Currently I booked a nearby hotel (Fairfield Inn & Suites) but its a standard room with 2 double beds. I would prefer to stay at the Residence Inn where it's a suite and have better breakfast instead.