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Anyone had problems using F&B Credit at Marketplace in Courtyard?

Question asked by alwweb on Nov 4, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2019 by pat2927

I had a pre-flight overnight at the Courtyard Denver Airport Gateway Center the other night. I opted for the $10 credit and thought either I would grab something from the Bistro on my way out, or from the marketplace to have on my flight. I went to the Bistro first, but they didn't have any bagels or fruit cups or anything convenient to take and go, so I went to the Marketplace and carefully added up what I thought would be $10 worth.


When I went to get my items and checkout, they were surprised by my card and said they couldn't apply it to the Marketplace.  She then said she would try, but it came up as money being owed. 


I had just done this a couple of weeks ago at the Courtyard Burlington (and boy - my $10 went farther there too - not standard prices) and at other Courtyards in the past.  When I said I didn't want the stuff for $10 and didn't have time to go the Bistro, I asked if it would be possible to reverse my choice back to points.  She said no, so I left it at that since I was now getting close to nervous time for leaving for the airport.


Before I complain, I was wondering if this was a new policy, or if it is "up to interpretation", or just a mistake at this Courtyard. Anyone else ever experience a location where you could not use the F&B credit at the marketplace?


Thanks all.