Fairfield Inn & Suites Richmond Ashland - Great Value, Nice Staff

Discussion created by ssindc on Nov 3, 2019
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I don't stay at Fairfield Inns very often, so I figured that the Fairfield Inn & Suites Richmond Ashland earned a shout-out for this weekend's high-value, fully-met-(and, OK, exceeded)-my-expectations stay!


First, the price was incredible - more than fair - but even better in light of the rest of the stay (including, among other things, convenient, free parking).


Most significant: super friendly, helpful staff.  Everyone we met was smiling, engaged with us, and went out of their way to make sure we were happy.  What more can you ask for?


Our suite was terrific - two (very comfortable) double (maybe queen) beds, a couch, a full desk - and plenty of room for our two bicycles (and I mean plenty of room - they weren't in the way at all).  In room (single serve) coffee machine was fully satisfactory. Plenty of outlets, where you needed/wanted them.  Large, fully functional bathroom (with a full tub).


Free breakfast/included was impressive/fully satisfactory ... eggs (hard boiled, scrambled, omelettes) ... oatmeal, yogurt, breads, fruit, coffees and juices, etc....


Last night, the folks at the front desk recommended (and even gave us a discount coupon for) the nearby fish restaurant at the Bass Pro Shops.  I was dubious - OK, I thought they were joking...., but we went, the fish was good, and the massive (I mean massive - 15,000 gallon) in-restaurant salt water aquarium was captivating/intoxicating/entertaining ... and justified the meal all by itself.


Finally, the location was AWESOME for this trip.  We were in town to ride the 100 km Home Roads bicycle fundraiser (to provide bikes to a vulnerable community in South Africa) hosted and led by super-pro-cyclist Ben King. (That's him in the middle, the young, fit-looking one .... duh... And, yes, I'm the geezer in the photo.... And, no, it's not surprising that he finished the ride so much sooner than us that, as you can see, he'd already changed out of his cycling gear and grabbed a beer before we rolled in....)

Ben King

This morning - rather than dealing with parking at the start area, we simply road our bikes over I-95 to the event from the Fairfield Inn (and back again after the post-ride BBQ and auction).  It was a perfect location for us.  And, just a touch of nostalgia, here's Ben King representing the US-of-A during the 2015 Richmond UCI World Championships ... I took this shot in front of the Richmond Marriott (which was the race HQ and also where we stayed).  But I digress...

Ben King UCI

Another great Marriott experience ...