Points Chasing & Missing Folios

Discussion created by missgee on Nov 2, 2019
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Sometimes I don’t have the energy to deal with one more issue I shouldn’t have to deal with but... here goes.


I had reserved two rooms for a two-night stay at the Aloft in Liverpool.  When plans changed I made additional reservations for two rooms for two consecutive nights.  I did not modify the original reservations because it would have increased the rates.


Travel finished and I see I only received points on one of the rooms.  Tried to fill in a missing stay request but need to attach the folios.  Problem is that I never received the emailed folios and I didn’t request paper copies when we checked out because I was expecting them to be emailed.


So now I am required to request a missing folio.  Submitted that and received an email from the property requesting the last 4 digits of the credit card I used (Huh? Don’t they have that already?), along with the amount on the folio.  (Insert no-folio irony here, as well as “Huh? Don’t they have that already?)


When I tried to respond to that email I received an auto-response that “This email address is no longer in service.”  Really?  You ask me to respond to this email and have the address set to auto-expire?  (The address was Guest Experience Supervisor btw.)


So then I emailed Customer Care who responded two days later saying they have asked the hotel to respond within 3-5 business days.  It has not yet been 5 business days since that email so I have no results to share.  I guess I really just wanted to vent.


Has anyone else had problems receiving folios, points, and responses from the Aloft Liverpool?