M Club Lounges Closed On Weekends

Discussion created by meangreenmusic on Nov 1, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2019 by missgee

I have been a fan of the new Marriott M Club Lounges and tried to book hotels that have them over the past year. Really liked how they were open 24/7 everyday of the week. Now I found out they are being closed on the weekends with no access. Not even to get drinks and snacks. In particular at the DFW Airport Marriott South where I had a meeting yesterday to finalize the plans for a weekend event I am having there. One of the perks of picking that hotel was the 24/7 7 days a week M Club Lounge. But yesterday I was informed it is now closed on the weekends and that many Marriott hotels that have them are doing the same. This is really disappointing to me since a lot of my travel is on the weekends and for this event (wedding hotel room block) I was looking forward to my family, who a chunk of them them have status with Marriott, being able to use this lounge. At least with the old style top floor lounges you could access them 24/7 for drinks and little snacks. Now those are gone and for a couple of years we had great M Club Lounges but those are now being downgraded which to me downgrades my status. Anyone else finding these closed on the weekends now?