Let's Find the Compare Rates Feature

Discussion created by erc on Oct 30, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2019 by nipper
In our ongoing battle vs. The Man, tracking down the best rates wading through the weeds of the infamous Marriott Matrix has always been a worthy challenge. Browsing through FlyerTalk Marriott, I saw this tidbit of a potential tool, possibly indicating Marriott has entered the 21st century with regards to reserving hotel rooms;

Boy, this would prove to be a valuable tool. Now hopefully we can all find it.
The Marriott Lurker (Ms. Zhou) certainly appears to lend credence that the tool exists and is not a chimera (like the old SPG Flexible Date - ha, with love to the spgers; but I digress).

I, like several FlyerTalk responders, haven't found it...yet.

BOLO - Be on the lookout - for this potential game changing, time saver.
Please share the steps necessary for using, if you find the rascal.
I'm heading toward my annual Scottsdale 'warm up' trip and will be off the grid, so won't be able to play along; but hopefully by time I re-enter cyberspace civilization, the Insiders gang will, like Jeremiah Johnson and Bear Claw (meeting my obligatory 20th century reference per post) will have trapped it and skinned it so we can enhance our fight with The Man.
Keep on keepin' on Insiders.