New York City - destination fee AND member status

Discussion created by lonnalinda on Oct 27, 2019
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Just got back from my stay at the Sheraton Times Square NYC.  Thanks for the replies to my original questions prior to my stay.


Here's a summary:

Destination Fees - seems as though this charge varied by Marriott property. That said, many hotels in NYC seem to do it.   Husband had a work conference so when I booked I had to (1) find a place under $400/night and (2) walking distance to his conference.  The Sheraton met the criteria (just barely due to the destination fee of $25/night).  Had to really push my husband to ask his employer to stay at Sheraton as they have a lower rate negotiated with another hotel down the street.  But approved.


Destination fees - $25/night.  You get charged however they will "credit" you $30 a night in food or beverage.  You can combine charge; we stayed 3 nights so had $90 credit which we could use all together or broken up.  You charge food/beverage to your room.  Decided to use it for evening cocktails; at $18 a cocktail the money goes fast.  Note that every place I went and had a cocktail it was anywhere from $16-$18 so Marriott is within the range of charge.  A nice touch was we had cocktails in the Club Lounge where they serve food (cheese, crackers and a hot dish) so it was a good "happy hour" spend.  We overspent our budget by $5.00 which was just fine.


Marriott status benefit:  As mentioned, husband is a "regular" Marriott member and currently I am titanium.  As he had to pay with his corporate credit card, clearly the reservation had to be made under his name and number.  I was bummed because I love the benefits I receive when we stay at Marriott property.  So at check in I mentioned to the front desk on how I had to really push for my husband's company to allow our stay at a Marriott and that I would be happy at ANY benefit that my status would receive.  I was not expecting all titanium benefits; really wanted the late check out as I didn't want to pay for the luggage storage fee the day we were checking out.  WOW!  After hearing and verifying my status I received (1) room upgrade (2) late check out and (3) club lounge access.  So incredibly wonderful of the front desk.  I was the only one who "needed" breakfast as husband had his provided by conference.  Really nice I could enjoy a quick breakfast every morning.  And even better to enjoy our "destination fee cocktails" in the lounge with cheese and crackers.


I have to say the Sheraton was very nice place to stay - yes, some issues day 1 with housekeeping and the bathroom could use a deep cleaning and paint touch up but the best thing was the employees I encountered on a daily basis.  They all went out of their way to answer my questions, ask me how my day is going, etc... 


I have written a trip advisor review and I personally sent the general manager a thank you note for taking such good care of us.  Husband has another trip in December (doubtful I will be going) and I am hopeful that he can return to the Sheraton.  He won't get my benefits but like I said food is provided by his conference, he won't need late check out and  he'll just have to spend destination fee on beverages.