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What's a two night stay?

Question asked by chinadian on Oct 27, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2019 by chinadian

I'm chasing down various points from the last few months of stays after noticing some points-shorting that's accumulated during that time.  I didn't have the Endless Earning promotion prioritized in my mind because it wasn't much of a promotion, but in reviewing the terms I wanted to see if my reading of the promotion T&C actually qualified for some additional points from a previous stay (that I'll need to track down).


I had two one-night stays at the Portland Marriott City Center over Labor Day weekend. I checked in on Saturday August 31st under my first reservation (paid in advance with one credit card, its own unique reservation number) which ended the next day on Sunday September 1st.  I had another one night stay that began on Sunday September 1st (paid with a different card after arriving at the hotel, a separate reservation ) with checkout the next day on Monday September 2nd.  I communicated in advance with the front desk and didn't change rooms or physically check-in/out between nights but was systematically checked out then in again.  From what the promotion's definition of a "stay" seems to suggest (consecutive nights regardless of check-in/checkout activity), I think I had a "two night stay" according to the T&C actually.  It didn't automatically trigger points, and a phone rep's stance was that it was NOT a two night stay. But I'm curious... Isn't it really?  Should I HUCA?


What's everyone's interpretation of the T&C here?