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Platinum Compensation for Closure / Lack of Lounge

Question asked by alison.kahn on Oct 25, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2019 by johnnyk60

Hi, I had a question regarding some confusion I have regarding Elite compensation when a lounge is closed.  I am Platinum level and I recently stayed at a Westin for business. Upon checking in, I selected the breakfast as my welcome gift over the 1,000 points.  Why?  I don’t know. It was midnight and I was hungry.  I was then told that there was no lounge, but that there was “free coffee, water, and tea in the room to make up for it”.  In my sleepy state, it did not register that there is ALWAYS coffee, water and tea in the room, so I thanked the attendant and went upstairs. 

The next day, I finally realized what was going on, so I looked at the Marriott T&C, and it said that Westins would have a lounge, and those properties where the lounge was closed or nonexistent would provide either continental breakfast or 750 points per day. So I went to the front desk and asked, and they made me find the terms and conditions on my phone. Then they took my phone out of my hand to the manager who stated that since I had breakfast vouchers (welcome gift), I was not eligible for the points. I pressed the issue, not angrily, but trying to explain that I actually had 2 benefits that provided breakfast in this case. They finally agreed to put the points on “in good faith”, which made me feel like a liar, but ultimately only put 750 on instead of the 3,000 I was entitled to on a 4 night stay. I don’t really care, but I was surprised by the pushback over points. 

My question is: Am I misunderstanding the lounge closure benefit?  And I should always pick the 1,000 point welcome gift from now on, right?


thanks for any insight!