Tampered redemption - 15k points redemption swapped for 50k certificate overnight

Discussion created by zchas31 on Oct 23, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2019 by richiemac

I recently made a straight forward points reservation for a Marriott in the DFW area on my app and received confirmation email etc showing it was for 15 000 points with 15 000 points being deducted according to the email and account activity. I made the reservation day of check in, checked in and all was fine.


Subsequently and mysteriously someone (?) had overnight (at 1.38am!) CANCELLED the points redemption, refunded the points back to the account and then redeemed my 50K annual certificate from my Ritz Carlton card instead!!! Has anything like this happened to anyone on here? How on earth was this even possible?


The following morning, thankfully before checkout I realized my 50K certificate was missing when I was looking to book a different stay for next month and was able to deduce what had happened (above). What's scary is that certificates when redeemed just just disappear and there is no visible log or account activity page showing the certificate redemptions.  I was able to get though to customer service by phone and they immediately rectified it but did not answer as how this was even possible.