A Mixed Experience in New York

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We just stayed 4 nights at the New York Midtown Renaissance and consider the hotel a mixed bag to which we are not likely to return.  I really hate to write this place off because it does have a lot going for it.  I’ll start with the positive:

  •      Location! A short walk from Penn Station.  Guy, a bellman from the hotel met our train and took our luggage to our hotel room.  Shops, restaurants, and sights are all a short walk away.  I think this is the best location that I’ve stayed in, in the Big Apple.   At checkout the reverse occurred with another bellman took our luggage to a waiting area where a RedCap could escort us,  onto the train, ahead of other passengers.                                                                                                         
  •        Staff! Simply outstanding!   Ask for something and you get it quickly.  I called Daniel at the “Navigator”  desk to ask how to get to  the hotel from the station with our luggage.  Too far for us to drag the luggage, but too short a distance to take a cab.   Daniel said “I’ll send a bellman who will take your luggage from the train to your room.”  


The negatives, sadly, are mostly beyond any ability of staff to change them:


  •       Design: The bathroom is surrounded by glass.  The wall between the bed and bathroom is clouded glass halfway up and clear from there to ceiling.  One could easily watch their roommate in the shower. There is, therefore, no assurance of privacy for the bathroom user.  There is a shade that allows a person in the bedroom to eliminate the view of the bath.   In addition, the door is frosted glass that lights up the room if one takes a shower or uses the bathroom after the other has turned in.  What kind of idiots design a hotel room for appearance rather than livability? 


  •      The lounge! Great staff, but small with very limited selection!  No bread!  They had bagels, croissants , muffins and Danish.  None of it, of course, whole grain.  For cereal they had raisin bran, corn flakes and some kiddie thing.  They also had a limited supply of instant oatmeal, but only in one flavor, brown sugar/maple (I think).  They also had smoked salmon, and the usual fruit, eggs, potatoes, and bacon, etc. but I believe that was it!  Whole wheat or multigrain bread would have been nice.  Oh yes, we got there 25 minutes before closing on Friday morning and there were no eggs.  We assumed they did not provide eggs.  Monday, though, eggs were on the buffet.  One nice feature in the lounge was a stack of takeout boxes, as opposed to the lounges that have signs forbidding you from taking any food out of the lounge.


  •      The restaurant! For the complimentary breakfast on Saturday there was a nice assortment of eggs, meats and potatoes, but no cereal of any kind.  Oatmeal?  Ten bucks, extra, from the a la carte menu, and it comes with quinoa and coconut milk.  I’ve probably stayed around 900 nights in Marriott properties over a period of more than 50 years and I’ve never seen a continental breakfast that did not include oatmeal.  The front desk informed us that room service provided regular oatmeal, and the desk clerk provided us with a complementary breakfast, for the following day from room service.


  •      Room service breakfast! Unfortunately, the room service breakfast was the worst experience we had at this hotel. Food arrived in packaging that was completely uninsulated so the oatmeal and coffee were no longer hot.  We received one oatmeal that was warm and one that was room temperature.  The coffee was not hot and there was not enough cream.  We got four tiny containers of half & half for two large and very strong coffees.  The oatmeal was described as coming with slivered almonds and maple syrup.  I did not expect it to arrive with the syrup already poured onto it.  There was a huge amount of syrup already poured onto the oatmeal, which made it way too sweet for either of us. If I were not being comped breakfast, I would have sent it all back.  It was atrocious


Fellow Insiders:   Was my room service experience similar to your experiences at the FS Marriott or Renaissance levle?  I seem to remember several posts, a couple of years ago that suggested RS was becoming something like this.  Have any of you had any experience with  Room Service, recently?   


All things considered. We would not return to this hotel unless rooms were completely renovated and the dining approaches were completely changed.