Marriott Irvine - Courtney Hitzeman - Great Service!

Discussion created by tjlarso3 on Oct 20, 2019

I had a billing issue from my stay at the Marriott Irvine back in June. I stay often at the Marriott Irvine property for my corporate travels. 


I was unable to solve my issue through AMEX Corporate Travel and AMEX directly. 


This created an issue with my corporate reimbursement auditors as I was not able to submit my receipt for reimbursement due to an invalid, incorrectly billed charge.


I contacted the Irvine Marriott GM's office and Courtney responded very quickly and effectively to resolve my concern. 


She resolved the issue, unblocked my challenges with my corporate audit department and stayed with the issue the entire way through resolution. 


I want to thank Courtney for the excellent support she provided to a long standing Marriott customer. 


Thank you!