Billed incorrectly and without notice 6 months after stay

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Back in April, my wife and I used 50K points to book a room at the JW Marriott Hill Country near San Antonio, TX.  The stay was great, as always, but fast forward 6 months to where I check my Marriott Chase account and saw a random $157 charge from the resort that posted on October 7th.  Thinking my card may have been stolen, I first called Chase and they recommend I reach out to Marriott first since it was a hotel I had been to in the past.  Long story short, they said that they never got my redemption certificate, so I was billed $157 for the room, without any notice and 6 months after the stay.  Since I had the points deducted from my account, I was extremely frustrated because a) I was now being charged twice, b) they just randomly charged my card without any notice and c) if I hadn't of noticed, they would have just taken my money.


After 4-5 calls to the Elite Customer Service number, they sent it to the hotel and this was their response:


I hope this email finds you well. Recently you contacted us because you were concerned about a possible fraud transaction of $157.27 from JW SAN ANTONIO HILL COUNTRY RESORT & SPA.


We were advised by the hotel Management that the charge of $157.27, placed on 10/08/2019 is for the April reservation - XXXXXXXX. The Accounting department ordered the certificate for the point stay redemption, however the certificate was cancelled. (Cert# XXXXXXXX , resulting in the charge of $157.27, room & tax.


Your happiness as our guest is important to us, and we thank you for choosing Marriott Hotels. 
Elizabeth D
Guest Experience Assistant


I called back furious, because that was not the case.  When I checked my Marriott account, I now see the points back in my account, with a notice that the certificate was cancelled on 10/15, a week after my card was charged and days after my initial call.  While I am glad to have the 50K points back and would probably trade it for the $157, that isn't the point.  Can they just randomly bill me?  Customer Service says they can't do anything and I have to wait another 3-4 days for the hotel to respond.


Any suggestions or has this happened to anyone else?


I don't think it matters, but I am titanium elite with over 80 nights so far.