Marriott Visa 25,000 point certificate- Yuck!

Discussion created by ready4atrip on Oct 17, 2019
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I have the old Marriott Visa card.  I like the old terms better than those received with the new Marriott Bonvoy card.

My anniversary certificate is now worth 25,000 points, not for a Category 4 stay.

I cannot even use it at a Category 4 hotel during peak season.


I am going to Palm Springs, CA for a couple of nights, but cannot use it because there are NO properties that are less than a category 5.  None. Zippo.

The Courtyards where I used to use the old Category 4 certificates are now category 5.

(This is true of many vacation areas in California where I live.  I do not travel for business, only pleasure.)

There are no Fairfields nor Residence Inns in the Palm Springs/Palm Desert/Indian Wells area.


When I called Marriott to ask if they can redeem the certificate and apply the 25,000 points to my account so that I can add my  points to make it 35,000 or more for the night, they said no, they cannot.

The advice given by all 3 customer service reps:  Upgrade to the new Marriott Bonvoy card so that next year I will get a 35,000 point certificate.


So Frustrating!