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Costa Rica - ANY Insider Advice!?!?? Coastal Property Recommendations Sought

Question asked by ssindc on Oct 17, 2019
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OK, hive mind: assuming that I have to go to Costa Rica (for work, seriously!), I haven't been in a fair number of years (and, when I was there, I didn't have the flexibility to stay at a Marriott property), and I'm flexible the preceding weekend, would you recommend any (or all) of the following coastal properties (to be clear, I'm not looking for a place in San Jose) ... and why?*


  • W Reserva Conchal
  • Westin Playa Choncal
  • Autograph - El Mangroove
  • Autograph - Hotel Punta Islita
  • JW - Guanacaste Resort & Spa
  • Marriott - Los Suenos Resort


I'm asking because, among other things, it's (frankly) stunning how little recent information there is on this site about the Costa Rica properties and, best I can tell, next to nothing on the post-merger (W and Westin) properties.


My general (or habitual) bias is, when faced with similar decisions and in doubt, I tend to try the Autograph Collection first, but ... having said that, I stayed in the Westin Playa Bonita in Panama shortly after the merger, and I was mightily impressed - review here: SPG, Westin First Impressions - Panama , so ... that's a factor too.... Bottom line: I'm open to persuasion on this one.


THANKS IN ADVANCE for your insights!!!!


Update (as noted below in my exchange with seatexan - my plans changed, and I ended up not making it to the coast - still, I had a great stay (and did a lengthy summary here): Costa Rica! Marriott Hacienda Belen: Central Valley, Toucans, Waterfalls & Pics & more...